• Shoe Repairs

    We offer a range of shoe care products from cleaners/polishes to innersoles and protectors.

  • Clothing Repairs

    We repair all types of clothing be it a new zipper, a new pocket, taperring the legs or increasing/decreasing the waist.

  • Shoe Care Products

    We offer a range of shoe care products from polishes to soles.

What We Do

Pile of clothes with clothes on coat rail behind. Iron in the foreground
Dry Cleaning Services

We take time to read the labels on your clothing and clean them the most appropriate way in order to keep their shape and look.

Shoe Repairs

We use top quality materials in order to repair shoes, using traditional methods. We have the ability to repair all types of shoes from high heels to formal leather.


When you come to collect your items we will ensure they are covered/folded to minimise creasing/soiling in transit

Industrial carpet cleaner
Carpet Cleaner

We have a powerful industrial carpet cleaner for hire, allowing you to bring life back into your carpets.